Week 8 – Discussion points: FEAST

1. Was the inclusion group in this trial too wide, especially in regards to ages (from a 60 day old baby to a 12 year old child)?

2. An editorial in the Archives of Disease of Childhood criticised the study and highlighted what they felt was the most harmful limitation, the reliance on one non-specific clinical feature for the diagnosis of hypovolaemic shock (see this BMJ rapid response for further details). Does this make the study invalid for evaluating fluid boluses in children with hypovolaemic shock?

3. How applicable are these results to the use of fluid boluses in febrile children in the developed world?

4. Does there need to be a similar study in developed countries? If so, would such a study ever get ethical approval?

Thank you to @welsh_gas_doctor, @trufflethebendy and @Bokarelli for proof-reading the discussion points for me

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