Week 9 – Discussion points: Prevention of HIV-1 Infection with Early Antiretroviral Therapy

1. Was the study design robust enough for this strategy of early treatment of HIV-1 infections as a preventative strategy to be widely adopted?

2. How generalisable are these results? Should this strategy to be used with all patients with HIV-1 infection?

3. With regards to the finding that immediate treatment lead to a relative reduction of 41% in the number of HIV-1–related clinical events, should the focus be on earlier treatment of HIV-1?

4. With the results of this paper should more results be put into test and treat programmes? Should we be testing everyone for HIV?

 I can recommend the F1000 summary of this paper which I read whilst compiling these points, this is an excellent resource and has a free 3 week trial for those wishing to register.

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