About Twitter Journal Club

Twitter Journal Club provides a place where doctors, medical students, and anyone else who is interested, can discuss publications relevant to medicine. In many respects it operates in same way as any other journal club, except that the forum is Twitter.

We meet fortnightly at 8pm BST (7pm GMT) on Sunday evenings. The papers for each sessions are announced on Twitter, and we publish an introductory post a couple of days before the discussion. After the discussion, we post a transcript and later a summary of the discussion.

We try to pick papers that are particularly significant and will be relevant to a wide range of people. You can suggest papers at any time here.

Anyone is welcome, including (and, indeed, particularly) students, with one aim being to provide an chance for medical students to learn by discussing papers with practicing doctors. We also hope it will provide an opportunity for doctors to learn about research in fields outside their own.

13 Responses to About Twitter Journal Club

  1. Pranab says:

    Brilliant idea. Thanks for coming up with yet another way to use Twitter. Although I shall not be able to participate in the discussions actively, since its too late, I would like to catch up the archived discussions (would be great if you posted them here!)…

    Also, the Rivers paper is a wonderful choice for the opening TwitJC.

    All the best!

  2. fidouglas says:

    Thanks! We plan to archive the entire discussion, tweet by tweet, using Storify or similar, but also provide a blog post that summarises the points that came up, which should be done by early the following week.

  3. Adam Jacobs says:

    This sounds like a great idea, and I would love to join in, but is there any chance of rethinking the time? Sundays at 8 pm is when I’m far more likely to be relaxing with a nice glass of wine than thinking about work.

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  5. meneswa says:

    How about connecting to facebook aswell?

  6. John Hilton says:

    Hi well done for getting this going – nice use of Twitter. Maybe you could get the papers’ authors involved in some way?

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  8. Moh Naghi says:

    Well done

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  10. Dee Speers says:

    Brilliant idea, thank you. Will be interesting to see how it develops!

  11. ramkumar says:

    great idea. enjoyed the last session throughly. truly democratising

  12. Jamie Green says:

    Like it a lot… Great idea… Will be introducing all my GP ST colligues to it.

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